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Apr 06 2020

What to Know About Marketing Yourself as a Video Freelancer

The rapid rise of the freelance economy has led to growth across the job spectrum. One such example is freelance videography, a field that is growing for many reasons, including its relatively low barriers to entry. As such, more and more people are crowding into the field, making it more important than ever that videographers find ways to set themselves apart from others. One way that videographers can stand out is by doing some smart marketing. To that end, here are three tips that video freelancers should follow to stand...

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Oct 15 2019

A Quick Guide to Making the Use of Gaff Tape for Your Video Production

Gaff tape is an indispensable tool in the entertainment industry. If you have been on a filming set, you may wonder about the industry-standard matte black tape that shows up everywhere. Do not mistake this versatile tape for duct tape. Here is a quick guide to introduce you to gaff tape for your own video production. What is It? Gaff tape is also known by many other names, such as gaffer tape, spike tape, gaffing tape, and gaff tape. Although gaff tape may look identical to duct tape, they are vastly different...

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Sep 20 2019

3 Mistakes You’re Making as a Video Freelancer

Being a freelance videographer allows you to not only express your creative vision but also to help your clients to express their visions as well. The best videographers make a business introduction or wedding video look even better and more enticing. The ones who can do this should get paid well for this service. If you’re a freelance video professional and you feel like you’re not getting your just due for the work you do, then you might be making these three mistakes.  You're Not Marketing Yourself If you’re like many contract...

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Jul 11 2019

4 Simple Ways to Start Using Video for Business

You have probably heard about the benefits video can provide for businesses, such as higher conversions and trust among potential customers. Video also increases employee retention rates and employee satisfaction. Here are four simple ways you can use video for your company. Informative Videos Educational videos are one of the least expensive ways to start using video for your business. Share relevant, valuable information with your target audience in these videos. How long they are depends on the resources you have available and your target market. Some customers are happy to watch...

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Jul 01 2019

Why Every Video Freelancer Should Have a Virtual Office

Those who work as freelance videographers enjoy the flexibility that comes with being self-employed and not having to work in a cubicle. Although you may attract plenty of clients based on your skills and website, it's still important to consider getting a virtual office, which is a part of the flexible workspace industry that offers a combination of different services. Read on to learn why more video freelancers are creating virtual offices to stand out in the industry. Look More Official You can look more official and professional with a virtual office...

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Apr 16 2019

Generating Business Authority with Custom Video

If you want your business to stand out from the rest, you need to show that you're an authority in your industry. A lot of retail centers sell cameras and other electronics, but when consumers are shopping, they also want to know if you'll be able to guide them to a product that can suit their needs. If you build custom homes, what better way to show off your expertise and the end product than to use a custom video as a teaser to tempt the potential home buyer into...

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Mar 23 2019

3 Administrative Details Freelancers Should Know About

Over the past decade, the amount of video production work opportunities available to people without a full-time job has improved considerably. Today, there are many different types of video jobs that a freelancer can do either in lieu of a full-time job or as something to make some extra money. While it can be a great idea to pursue a job on the side, there are some administrative details that all freelancers need to be aware of. Licensing When you are going to be a video production freelancer, you may need...

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Feb 13 2019

Why So Many Big Businesses Are Investing in Video — and Why You Should, Too!

The latest trend in the field of digital advertising is video marketing. Nowadays, several entrepreneurs are using video content for the promotion of their brands. The reason for this is the definite advantages that a particular video can give to a company. For example, one viral video post can make a business popular overnight. At the same time, good video content can also help reach out to a broad target market. As such, it is safe to conclude that big businesses are already starting to put its investments in video...

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Nov 20 2018

How Video Freelancers Can Acquire More Clients

Deciding to embark on a freelance video production or video editing career can be exciting. It can lead to the type of creative and financial freedom that you might have never imagined. While, undoubtedly, you have skills and determination on your side, acquiring the right number of clients is crucial to establishing a steady stream of income so that your business can expand in the future. Here are some ways to use your creative side for building a client base that can become a real business asset. Ask Your Clients...

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Aug 17 2018

Film vs Animation—What Type of Video Works Best for Your Brand?

If you are not using animated or film video marketing, you are likely losing leads and conversions. While video marketing is imperative to a successful marketing strategy, you must determine whether animation or film is best for your brand. Benefits of Video Marketing It is essential to utilize video marketing for a number of reasons. Today, the vast majority of consumers prefer to receive their marketing messages through short, entertaining videos. These videos, when produced properly, will increase brand awareness, define your company personality, skyrocket social media engagement, establish trust, improve...

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