Black Chip Collective | Film vs Animation—What Type of Video Works Best for Your Brand?
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Film vs Animation—What Type of Video Works Best for Your Brand?

Aug 17 2018

Film vs Animation—What Type of Video Works Best for Your Brand?

If you are not using animated or film video marketing, you are likely losing leads and conversions. While video marketing is imperative to a successful marketing strategy, you must determine whether animation or film is best for your brand.

Benefits of Video Marketing

It is essential to utilize video marketing for a number of reasons. Today, the vast majority of consumers prefer to receive their marketing messages through short, entertaining videos. These videos, when produced properly, will increase brand awareness, define your company personality, skyrocket social media engagement, establish trust, improve mobile marketing, enhance return on investment, and more effectively convey your message.


Animated videos are often best for two types of audiences. The first reason to use animation is if you need to explain a more complex subject matter. Any subject that might be difficult to explain to the general population is best done so through animation. The illustrations make the video more appealing to viewers, and the fact you must break down the storyline to animated segments makes the information more easily digestible. The second reason to use animation is if you have a target market within family demographics. Animated videos tend to appeal to family audiences much more than traditional film videos.

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Film, also referred to as live action, is an exceptional way to humanize your brand. Another way to think of it is that, to establish trust, it is essential to make your brand relatable, reachable, and approachable, much like that of your actual consumers. One way to do so is to use your actual employees rather than paid actors. Some examples of good times to use film rather than animation include videos on company culture, customer testimonials, web commercials, case studies, event promos, and highlight reels. If you want to establish a more personal relationship with your consumer, use live action videos.

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As you decide which is right for your company, do not forget to think about your budget, how quickly you require a completed video, and whether or not you will have to update the video frequently. All of these decisions could also have an impact on your final decision to use film because it can be more easily adaptable and the end results are able to be completed more quickly. However, remember the exceptions in that animated videos tend to appeal to family audiences, and complicated subjects are more easily absorbed through animated videos.


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