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Apr 11 2018

Fitting In to the Freelance Recruiting Process

Imagine a full production or post production team is a jigsaw puzzle. Your potential client is missing one piece. That could be you. IF you can make yourself fit the puzzle rather than expecting the puzzle to accommodate you. To understand how to achieve this, you'll need to make sense of a hiring manager's process. We spoke to some producers who walked us through what the hiring process looks like for them. The recruitment process almost always starts before any particular crew position opens up. "We’re not always actively hiring, but...

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Feb 28 2018

The Experience to Be a Leader

Everybody wants to be the boss. Or rule the world, if you ask Tears for Fears. But how do you get there? And, more importantly, what experience prepares you for these top positions?  TV/Studio Exec Traditional Career Path: Assistant > Junior Exec > VPHelpful Background:ProducerGreat managers understand the people they manage and the challenges they face. Execs often work with producers to develop and execute projects and they need to understand how they work, how they think, and how to set them up for success. Any Creative Production JobIt's no secret that nearly...

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Sep 06 2017

Don’t Be Afraid of Black

Watch virtually any movie trailer and you're going to see a whole lot of nothing. That is to say, you're going to see a black screen pretty frequently. It's used to set a tempo, a mood, gain narrative distance between shots and is a generally useful tool, especially in short form editing. Yet literally every time I've cut to black in the middle of a piece, a producer or client fought me on it. Hard. Part of it might be their initial instinct that it was simply a missing shot...

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Jun 28 2017

The Danger of the Jack of All Trades Crew Member

I was once talking with an animator about the film 'The Life of Pi'. We were discussing the extraordinarily high quality of the CG."It's all specialty," he said, "Putting together a team with specialists who each know how to do one thing extremely well."I agreed, but lamented the direction the industry was going."15 years ago I would never have been asked to do sound design or motion graphics or even color," I said, "But if I tried to be strictly a picture editor today I'd never survive. Everyone wants someone...

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Jun 22 2017

Why It’s Such an Ordeal to Find Quality Video Crew and What We’re Doing About It

When you find crew that you like, you tend to try to work with them as much as possible. Partly because you learn to trust your crew to operate autonomously, partly because it is useful to have people that understand your creative intentions, and partly because it can be an absolute nightmare to find someone else you want to work with. The difficulty of finding new crew that fits well into the ensemble isn't something we have to live with, though. We dissect the problems with creative recruitment and how...

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Jun 07 2017

To Buy Gear or Not to Buy Gear?

Film students are perpetually asking what the best production gear is to get at any given price point. Yet almost none of them stop to question whether or not they should be buying gear at all. Gear isn't automatically a good investment for anyone at any stage of their career; like computers, production gear typically depreciates in value rather quickly, frequently giving you between 2-5 years to make a return. Often renting makes much more sense but is significantly underutilized. We've listed out the pros and cons of buying gear for...

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May 31 2017

Why Reality TV Stinks and How to Fix It

I usually call it documentary-style TV because 'reality tv' can leave such a bad taste in peoples mouths. And it shouldn't. There isn't anything wrong with reality as a format. Sure, there is a good deal of trashy TV in reality, but that's not the fault of the format; there is some level of trash in every format that exists.  And hell, science and nature shows fall into doc-style TV- the only difference between those and other reality programming is that they're about concepts and wildlife rather than people. But that's not to say...

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Mar 08 2017

What Do I Bill For?

It's a common question, maybe the most common, right after 'How Much Should I Charge?' While there is no firm consensus on exactly what video freelancers and production companies should bill for, there are generally accepted practices. Initial Consultation- No If you know a freelancer who charges for initial consultations, you probably know a freelancer who has no clients. It's a nearly universal practice to give a free consultation to clients, because it acts almost as an interview. Clients can size up freelancers to see if they would be a good fit, while freelancers...

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Mar 01 2017

5 Terms That Aren’t Video Production Expressions But Should Be

There are things, quite a number of things, that production people all know about but haven't necessarily given names. No reason to keep it that way. Blank Tie EventFor those times when you're shooting at a fancy event or in a well dressed corporate office. You want to dress fit the situation, but most of all you want to be invisible. Black slacks and a white dress shirt work great, regardless of gender. Dress like a waiter, you'll be fine.[caption id="attachment_20950" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Yes, it's a play on black tie event.[/caption]  Industry Messiah A recent...

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