Black Chip Collective | About
A powerful nationwide network of top video talent, providing no-cost-to-client contract staffing.
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Black Chip Collective

About Us

We are a freelancer collective. A hub of producers and account managers that connect an ever growing network of talent. We have founded ourselves on 3 core tenets and make decisions as an organization based on these tenets: 

  • Merit: The best job for the best candidate. Anything less is unacceptable. We always work based on merit: talent, experience, and client feedback.
  • Ethics: We require trust from our freelancers and clients to do our job, so we must be unerringly worthy of trust. We have a policy of transparency and make decisions that are foremost good for our clients and freelancers because those are the decisions that are good for us.
  • No BS: We’re straight shooters. No politics, no ass kissing, no meaningless platitudes, no games.


We staff crew nationwide. We can find great crew for any city or town in the US, but have a powerful network of crew already pre-vetted and ‘on-demand’ in popular production cities.

National Locations

Freelance Collective

The What, Why, and How of Freelance Collectives

A freelance collective is a group of freelancers, in this case talented production and post production professionals, that work together with producers and account managers to provide better services for clients.

A freelance collective saves clients from the resource sucking ordeal of an exhaustive search for crew. Also, unlike hiring freelancers directly, a collective gives clients access to a wide range and depth of talent, averting the need for yet another search each time there is an availability issue or a new skill needed.

Staffing agencies often put a huge markup on the rates of talent, so they are frequently avoided by high quality crew. This puts clients in the unfortunate position of getting mediocre talent at a premium rate. In contrast, a freelance collective solves the issues that freelancers face, so it becomes a natural magnet for top talent which is selected for clients at no added cost.

Freelance collectives are run by industry professionals so expertise in the field is a given. This expertise is essential in identifying top talent, as well as understanding and anticipating client needs. Industry connections are crucial for discovering unique talent and appreciating the needs of talent to provide appealing terms of employment.

Freelance Collective Benefits