Black Chip Collective | Talent Enrollment
Black Chip Collective offers a solution to feast or famine freelancing cycle. Set your own rate, choose your own jobs, be compensated for referring work.
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Talent Enrollment

End the Feast or Famine Cycle

Feast or famine. It’s something every freelancer deals with. 5 clients will call, all wanting you to work a project the same week and when you’re finished trying to juggle as much as you can, you’ll hit an inexplicable dry patch.

It’s the mission of our freelance collective to change this. By giving freelancers the opportunity to more fully take advantage of the feast portion of the cycle and providing work to diminish the famine portion, we hope to mitigate this unproductive cycle for all of our freelancers.

How It Works

Enrolled freelancers are eligible to receive work and have the opportunity to be compensated for referring overflow work through Black Chip Collective. The freelancers remain independent contractors with no commitment to accept or refer jobs at any time. Likewise, enrolling in the collective does not guarantee a freelancer will receive any offer of work.

Black Chip’s producers assign work on a completely merit basis: offering available jobs to freelancers based on the compatibility of skills to requirements. A freelancer may be asked to work remote (from anywhere) or on-site (at a client’s offices or shooting location), pursuant to a client’s request.

Freelancers in the collective are also able to refer jobs to the collective: overflow work, jobs outside the freelancer’s skill set, additional crew needed, etc. The referring freelancer receives a percentage of the total invoice for the referred job(s). Beyond the financial benefit, a referring freelancer gets to be a hero to their client and, since both the client and outside freelancer are contractually obligated not to poach, be sure that the client will stay theirs.

Rather than the huge cut that staffing agencies take, often up to 50%, the collective works on a more freelancer friendly model. Black Chip takes a much more modest percentage of a client’s bill and provides project management services: taking care of your ‘non billables’, like initial consultations, negotiations, and contracts.  Additionally, a small portion goes to whomever referred the work. The vast majority goes to the freelancer doing the job, as it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to enroll?


TV, Video, and Film freelancers with work that demonstrates their exceptional talent. Related freelancers, such as designers and still photographers are also encouraged to enroll.

What types of projects can I expect?


We get projects of all types, but freelancers receive jobs based on the skills and positions for which they’ve shown an aptitude.

How much work can I expect?


It varies wildly from freelancer to freelancer. It depends on what you’re bringing to the table and what clients are after at any given moment.

We operate on a mutual non-committal basis. We guarantee no particular amount of work to anyone and no one is expected to accept any amount of work.

What’s the catch?


No catch. However, we do only work with very talented freelancers with skills that are compatible with our clients’ needs, so we don’t accept all applicants.