Black Chip Collective | Why So Many Big Businesses Are Investing in Video — and Why You Should, Too!
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Why So Many Big Businesses Are Investing in Video — and Why You Should, Too!

Feb 13 2019

Why So Many Big Businesses Are Investing in Video — and Why You Should, Too!

The latest trend in the field of digital advertising is video marketing. Nowadays, several entrepreneurs are using video content for the promotion of their brands. The reason for this is the definite advantages that a particular video can give to a company. For example, one viral video post can make a business popular overnight. At the same time, good video content can also help reach out to a broad target market. As such, it is safe to conclude that big businesses are already starting to put its investments in video marketing. The owners of these companies and firms believe that videos can take their business to the next level. Below are the reasons why you need to consider it too.

Video Content is Easy to Consume

Some marketers spend a lot of time focusing on the features of the products to the point that they can no longer capture the interest of their intended audience. Fortunately, the availability of video content has solved this problem. If you can somehow connect your product with a video, then it’s so much easier for customers to learn about it. For example, if you are trying to promote a hair or beauty product, connecting with a YouTube tutorial or beauty channel makes a lot of sense. They just have to use, or mention your product at some point in the video. All that the viewers need to do is to click the play button, and the entire video can already be played without additional steps to complete.


Videos Can Reach a Broad Audience

Did you know that a large part of the population these days is composed of people who are already on the Internet? These individuals have access to websites and social networking sites. As such, using videos for your brand’s promotion can be beneficial on your part is several people can already see it online. Neil Patel discusses this in conjunction with his blog, where he gives marketing and advertising advice for the digital space. Blending YouTube videos with blog content means that whenever someone clicks through his site, there are multiple chained links they can explore. Take note that a wide variety of content means you increase the chances of it connecting with people. For example, doTERRA’s YouTube channel features tutorials, animation shorts, behind-the-scenes, informative videos, videos answering FAQs, and more. Watching other brands’ videos can give you inspiration for your own.


Videos Are Often More Interesting

Gone are the days when people would rely on print ads and radio announcements to learn more about a brand, as well as its products and services. Nowadays, you can already appeal to your target market by creating and posting interesting videos on a regular basis. LiveStream emphasizes, “live video is a developing platform, but it lends itself immeasurably to brand identity, and brand building.” Use your creative side to make people look for your video content.


If you do this the right way, customers will flock into your business. Be smart enough to use strategies for video marketing.

If you need a film crew, or any other video production help, get in contact with Black Chip Collective. We connect people with great ideas to those who can make those ideas a reality!

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