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May 17 2017

Pretty Much Every Totally Free Piece of Stock Footage and Motion Asset You Could Ever Want

Stock footage gives editors the opportunity to say "Hey cinematographers, we don't need you! Take your expensive toys and your sunlight and get lost!" But more likely you just need to fill in a few holes or to get some extra assets for effects. And stock footage can easily put a big ol' hurtin on the wallet. We've collected 43 sources for totally free stock footage to give you options when the budget's gone dry. Before we begin, let's talk about licenses. Public Domain and Creative Commons 0 licenses mean that the images...

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May 10 2017

Pretty Much Every Totally Free Stock Photo You Could Ever Want

In videos, in motion graphics, and on our websites, video professionals use stock images every bit as much as stock video. It is, however, a cost that adds up quickly. We've collected 50 sources for totally free stock images to give you options when the budget's gone dry. Before we begin, let's talk about licenses. Public Domain and Creative Commons 0 licenses mean that the images can be used, without attribution, however you so please. Creative Commons 3.o licenses vary by the creator's wishes. They almost all require attribution, some have additional restrictions such...

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May 03 2017

14 Sources for Completely Free Music for Video and Film

It's hard to overstate the importance of music in post production. Particularly in short form projects, music sets the tone and can inspire the style. While custom music is wonderful and I have never once regretted hiring a composer, there are always situations where the budget does not allow for such expenditures.  Although free licensed music is fairly common, it's surprisingly hard to find consistent sources- even the Creative Commons site links to defunct and paid sources- so we compiled a list of the best sites to find music if...

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Apr 21 2017

Optimize Yourself: Health in the Film Industry

You probably know Zack Arnold from his work as an editor (Burn Notice, Empire, briefly on Glee) or as a producer (Go Far) or even from his advice when he talked to us about success in post production. But another thing Zack is passionate about is health- especially for people in demanding, sedentary careers, like in post production. We talked to him about his program, Optimize Yourself (currently transitioning from 'Fitness in Post').  Q: What is the problem that you're trying to solve with Optimize Yourself, and how are you solving it? A: Basically with the Optimize...

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Apr 12 2017

4 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Enough Freelance Work and How to Fix Them

A freelancer really has 2 jobs. The first is to be absolutely great at what they do. The second, much more difficult and painful job, is to consistently find work. It's something that the vast majority of freelancers struggle with regardless of experience level. The bright side is that freelance work snowballs- as you build a client list, you not only get repeat work from satisfied clients, but get referrals, meet contacts, and spread word of mouth to ease your work search strain.  In the mean time, here are a...

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Apr 05 2017

How Much Should I Pay a Freelancer?

Freelance rates are a complex and nuanced thing that can't really be summed up in a single formula. But we're going to do it anyway.To start, you need an idea of what you'd pay a full time employee. If you're not sure, ask some colleagues or friends in the industry. Site like PayScale can help, but aren't great for many creative jobs. Using that number, we can come up with a formula to get a baseline for freelancer rate:  (Annual Full Time Salary / 140 ) + equipment costs and expenses...

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