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51 sources for 100% free stock photos. Most are licensed under CC0, meaning that you can use them without any restrictions.
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Pretty Much Every Totally Free Stock Photo You Could Ever Want

May 10 2017

Pretty Much Every Totally Free Stock Photo You Could Ever Want

In videos, in motion graphics, and on our websites, video professionals use stock images every bit as much as stock video. It is, however, a cost that adds up quickly. We’ve collected 50 sources for totally free stock images to give you options when the budget’s gone dry.


Before we begin, let’s talk about licenses. Public Domain and Creative Commons 0 licenses mean that the images can be used, without attribution, however you so please. Creative Commons 3.o licenses vary by the creator’s wishes. They almost all require attribution, some have additional restrictions such as No Commercial Use, No Derivatives (this includes use in a video but creators will often make exceptions), and Share Alike. Follow the rules! Someone is allowing you to use their work for free, thank them by using it how they requested.


Pexels– Creative Commons 0-

A huge, searchable collection of CC0 images.


Pixabay– Creative Commons 0-

Almost 100,000 CC0 images of varying quality.


Photo by Thilo Hilberer, Flickr


Flickr– Licences Vary-

The popular photo sharing site allows users to license their work under creative commons. All the images require attribution, but the advanced search function allows you to search for other license parameters.


Foter– Licences Vary-

A search engine for creative commons photos from Flickr. While the flickr search quality is… questionable… Foter does not seem to have improved upon it all that much. It has, however, created categories and allows you to search by ‘interestingness’.


Negative Space– Creative Commons 0-

A substantial collection of CC0 images with a search function.


Good Free Photos– Creative Commons 0-

A site containing nearly 20k public domain and CC0 photos specializing in national parks, landmarks, and historical sites.


Unsplash– Creative Commons 0-

A large community, sharing high quality CC0 photos.


PikWizard– Custom Licence-

A collection of high quality photos, including many of people. Custom license is largely the same as CC0, but with the notable exception that any derivative works will be owned by Wave Break Media. This appears to only refer to derivative images, rather than articles, websites, and videos, but the language is open ended.


Free Images– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

A huge collection of photos of varying quality. The license agreement is basically CC0 with a few minor restrictions.


Pickup Image


Pickup Image– Creative Commons 0-

Nearly 20,000 images provided by over 300 photographers. Seems to explore a travel theme.


Little Visuals– Creative Commons 0-

A small collection of high quality images, searchable by tag. The owner of the website has passed away, so it is no longer updated, but it is maintained by his family.


Find A Photo– Creative Commons 0-

A search engine for multiple CC0 sites, including Unsplash.


The Stocks– Creative Commons 0…?-

A single site that acts as a portal to many free image sites, as well as sites for video, audio, icons and fonts.


Stock Up– Licenses Vary-

An aggregate of 31 different stock sites. Unfortunately not searchable by license but most fall under CC0.


Allthestock– Creative Commons 0-

A collection of sites that offer CC0 images, video, music, and web development assets.




PicJumbo– Creative Commons 0-

Over 1000 photos.


Raumrot– Creative Commons 0-

Nearly 1500 CC0 images in a variety of categories.


SplitShire– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

Hundreds of photos and even a few videos under a license that is essentially creative commons 0, but does not allow images to be sold.


Stock Vault– Licenses Vary-

A gallery of very ‘stocky’ stock images, available through a variety of licenses including CC0. The images are searchable by category, search term or license.


r/freestockphotos– Creative Commons 0-

A subreddit solely devoted to sharing CC0 photos.


Picography– Creative Commons 0-

The work of Irish photographer Dave Meier is shared on this simple site.


StockPic– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

Like SplitShire, StockPic has hundreds of photos available under essentially a CC0 license with the restriction of not selling photos.


MMT Stock– Creative Commons 0-

A smaller gallery of quality photos.


Focus Fitness– Public Domain-

A selection of public domain fitness and health photos.


Morguefile– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

A collection of photos of occasionally depressing quality, but with a wide range of subjects.


Life of Pix– Creative Commons 0-

A community of photographers that provides free images under CC0.


ISO Republic


ISO Republic– Creative Commons 0-

A searchable gallery of high quality CC0 photos.


Freerange Stock– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

Photos and illustrations under CC0 or a very similar license that does not allow redistribution.


Gratisography– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

Photographer Ryan McGuire offers up hundreds of his photos under a CC0 license with a few minor addendums.


Yeah! Stock Photos– Creative Commons 0-

A small collection of high quality photos.


FoodiesFeed– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

Food related photos under CC0 (but images are not permitted to be sold).


TravelCoffeeBook– Creative Commons 0-

Travel photos under CC0.


Moveeast– Creative Commons 0-

A collection of photos from a single photographer who moved from Portugal to South Korea. Photos are landscape, cityscape, and lifestyle photos of the 2 countries.


Startup Stock Photos


Startup Stock Photos– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

Photos of a startup offered under a license reminiscent of CC0 with a few common sense restrictions.


Kaboom– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

A searchable gallery of images that are free to use like CC0 photos so long as you don’t try to sell them.


RGBStock– Proprietary License-

A collection of images that includes many textured, abstract or background style photos. Although the license agreement is more restrictive than CC0 and is not licensed through creative commons, the license agreement is fairly permissive, and most commercial uses are covered.


GetRefe– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

Get Refe sells curated image packs, but also gives single images away for free. License is similar to CC0, with some redistribution limits.


Magdeleine– Creative Commons 0-

A curated selection of CC0 images, submitted by photographers.


IM Creator– Creative Commons 3.0, Attribution-

A source for photos and other design assets such as icons and buttons.




DesignerPics– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

A collection of photos offered free in a license similar to CC0.


JEShoots– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

CC0 images that can not be sold. Does not allow adblock.


Jay Mantri– Creative Commons 0-

The work of a single photographer, featuring many photos that utilize patterns and textures.


Moni’s Photo– Essentially Creative Commons 0-

Another site of a single photographer making her work available for free.


Superfamous– Creative Common 3.0, Attribution-

A series of pictures, largely abstract, that can be used with attribution.


Cupcake– Creative Commons 0-

Swedish photographer Jonas Wimmerstrom provides some of his work under CC0.




Splashbase– Primarily Creative Commons 0-

A searchable aggregation of numerous (primarily) CC0 image sites, including SplitShire, Superfamous, Jay Mantri, TravelCoffeeBook, Start Up Stock Photos, Little Visuals, getrefe, and Life of Pix.


FreeDigitalPhotos– Creative Commons 3.0, Attribution-

A large collection of images, most with extreme levels of ‘stockphotoitus’, for which the smallest size is available to be used for free with attribution.


Photo Everywhere– Creative Commons 3.0, Attribution-

A source for over 3500 travel photos.


Paul Jarvis– Creative Commons 0-

Hey, it’s just 20 photos but it’s better than a kick in the face.


Function– Creative Commons 0-

A couple of free photo packs.


Public Domain Archive


Public Domain Archive– Public Domain/Creative Commons 0-

A mix of modern and vintage images, this site features high quality images updated weekly.


New Old Stock– Public Domain…?-

A curated gallery of historical photos. While the photos are all believed to be public domain the owner of the site doesn’t guarantee that they are.


Viintage– Public Domain-

A large collection of vintage posters, illustrations, and photos.



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