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Sep 06 2017

Don’t Be Afraid of Black

Watch virtually any movie trailer and you're going to see a whole lot of nothing. That is to say, you're going to see a black screen pretty frequently. It's used to set a tempo, a mood, gain narrative distance between shots and is a generally useful tool, especially in short form editing. Yet literally every time I've cut to black in the middle of a piece, a producer or client fought me on it. Hard. Part of it might be their initial instinct that it was simply a missing shot...

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Aug 30 2017

Why Game of Thrones is the Most Popular (Cable) Show of All Time

The runaway success of Game of Thrones was hardly assured, considering it's spiritual predecessor, Rome, got nixed due to high budgets and middling ratings. But Game of Thrones has become the most popular show of all time, averaging over 10 million viewers per episode just in live US views, an insane feat for a program on a premium cable network. It has further become so embedded in the cultural zeitgeist that non fans are being rounded up and shipped off to the Iron Islands so Thronies don't have to explain...

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Jul 26 2017

The Only Reasons You Should Ever Work For Free

Being a creative professional pretty much guarantees that at some point you'll be asked to work for free. You'll likely also get the 'do it for the expooooosuuuuureee' manipulative spiel (side note: I've been a creative professional for over a decade and have never gotten a job from exposure of another project, despite some of those projects being seen by millions of people) or some vague promise of back end compensation from a total hack who has never actually been able to turn a profit from a creative project. But on...

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National Locations
Jul 19 2017

Black Chip Collective Expands Nationally

Three announcements in a row? We must really have nothing to write about. After months of building or national infrastructure, Black Chip Collective is announcing our national expansion. Our focus will remain in popular production cities, but we will now service the entire US. This gives us the ability to not only serve new clients and freelancers, but to serve existing clients more completely. This national expansion is a major step in Black Chip providing continually higher standards of service....

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Jul 12 2017

Studios is Being Dissolved

Two announcements in a row? These are crazy times. The production arm of Black Chip Collective, Black Chip Studios, is being dissolved. The process started the beginning of this week, July 10th and will conclude at the end of the week, July 14th. This isn't sad news, we're simply choosing to focus on staffing rather than fully managed projects. This will allow us to dedicate more time to serving our clients on the staffing side and prevent us from competing with our production company clients in SoCal. Black Chip Studios freelancers will...

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Jul 05 2017

Black Chip Collective Selected as Semi-Finalist in ‘Tap The Future’ Competition

Congratulations to the Black Chip Collective team! The business was selected as a Semi-Finalist in Miller Lite's 'Tap The Future' competition- a national entrepreneur contest. The Black Chip Team, along with 5 other small businesses, will travel to LA on August 1st to pitch to a panel of judges, including Shark Tank's Daymond John. Semi-finalists were chosen based on criteria such as vision, distinctive competence and management structure. Winner of the LA pitch will receive $20,000 and move on to the finals. So congratulations again and good luck Black Chip!...

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