Black Chip Collective | 4 Simple Ways to Start Using Video for Business
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4 Simple Ways to Start Using Video for Business

Jul 11 2019

4 Simple Ways to Start Using Video for Business

You have probably heard about the benefits video can provide for businesses, such as higher conversions and trust among potential customers. Video also increases employee retention rates and employee satisfaction. Here are four simple ways you can use video for your company.

Informative Videos

Educational videos are one of the least expensive ways to start using video for your business. Share relevant, valuable information with your target audience in these videos. How long they are depends on the resources you have available and your target market. Some customers are happy to watch 20-minute or longer videos, while others prefer bite-size tidbits of information. Educational videos can be as short as two minutes.

Employee Learning

According to Instructure, a training program for new employees is vital for getting new hires up to speed. It also helps them to feel more confident in their role, which in turn boosts their productivity. You can save money on employee training by creating a series of videos. Important videos to include in your employee learning series are an onboarding video, product or service breakdown, and specific videos related to their job responsibilities. An example of a video related to their job responsibilities is how to close a sale. The onboarding video can introduce new hires to your company and its culture.

Animated Explainer Video

If you need to explain an abstract concept, animated explainer videos are effective. Animated explainer videos are great for web services and tech companies as well. This type of video should incorporate your brand’s colors to assist in branding and allow the video to fit seamlessly on your website. The home page and service pages are great places to embed animated explainer videos.

Video Ads

Visual content like video ads triggers emotions easier in potential customers. Psychology plays an important role in making sales, so video ads are an effective way of marketing your products and services when done correctly. According to Oberlo, a lot goes into creating good video ads; thus, it’s ideal to hire a video marketing company to create them for you. Define a purpose for each ad. Ask what you want the viewer to do after watching the video. Do you want him or her to buy the product or service, remember your brand, have positive feelings toward your business, contact you, or share the video?


Using video is an excellent way to spread awareness of your brand, attract customers, and train employees. The talented freelancers at Black Chip Collective are ready to help you to make your videos. The four types of videos above are simple ways you can begin using video for your company.

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