Black Chip Collective | A Quick Guide to Making the Use of Gaff Tape for Your Video Production
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A Quick Guide to Making the Use of Gaff Tape for Your Video Production

Oct 15 2019

A Quick Guide to Making the Use of Gaff Tape for Your Video Production

Gaff tape is an indispensable tool in the entertainment industry. If you have been on a filming set, you may wonder about the industry-standard matte black tape that shows up everywhere. Do not mistake this versatile tape for duct tape. Here is a quick guide to introduce you to gaff tape for your own video production.

What is It?

Gaff tape is also known by many other names, such as gaffer tape, spike tape, gaffing tape, and gaff tape. Although gaff tape may look identical to duct tape, they are vastly different in terms of materials, textures, and uses. Gaff tapes are mostly used in the entertainment industry to secure wires, equipment, and set props. One of the main visual differences between gaff tape and duct tape is that duct tape is often glossed and can leave fiber and adhesive residues behind. Gaff tape is always matte. A strong tensile strength and pressure sensitivity make gaff the stronger of the two types of tape. 

Best Uses

Gaff tape is one of the most versatile tools of the entertainment world. Most film productions use gaff tape daily to mark off hazards, to secure and label wires, to protect equipment from rain, and to make emergency set repairs. On a busy production schedule, every moment is important, so accidents are the one activity you do not want to see on a set. When a single bad slip and fall can potentially end your production, you’ll want to make sure that your set remains as organized and well-labeled as possible. 

Variations of Gaff Tapes

There is a wide variety of gaff tape available with varying widths and a range of colors. True gaff tapes are vinyl-coated cotton fabric with a matte surface to write on. They won’t leave residue behind, are heat and moisture resistant, and are easily removable from hard surfaces. Authentic gaff tapes tend to be in the $10-$30 range. Economical alternatives may be available; however, they may not retain the same benefits of the true gaff tape

Where to Locate

Since gaff tape is used predominantly in the entertainment industry, it may be difficult to find locally unless you are located near one of the major entertainment cities. However, if you are willing to purchase without first seeing the product in person, there are a variety of online storefronts that carry gaff tape in their inventory. You can also try packaging and shipping stores. If you need gaff tape in a hurry, other industries that use gaff tape are the photography and music industries. A local music equipment rental establishment may also offer gaff tape.

Gaff tapes are versatile tools in several industries. Its many uses make it a daily essential tool in the videography industry.

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