Black Chip Collective | Freelance Collective: A Better Way to Find Contract Staff?
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Freelance Collective: A Better Way to Find Contract Staff?

Oct 26 2016

Freelance Collective: A Better Way to Find Contract Staff?

Before we can address the advantages of using a freelance collective, we have to explain precisely what it is.


What is it?
A freelance collective is a hub. Within the hub are project managers. These project managers recruit high quality talent, creating a robust network of freelancers and crews. When a client brings a job to the collective, a project manager selects appropriate talent within the network to connect to the client or, if necessary, recruits additional talent for that position. Once a freelancer has been placed or a crew has started on a job, the project manager, well, manages the project. They make sure all parts to the equation are firing correctly and all the client’s needs are being met or exceeded.




The favorite among the benefits of a freelance collective is it’s potential to provide cost savings. In video, for example, we avoid the overhead of a production company and the huge upcharge of the major staffing companies to retain the strong value of hiring a freelancer directly.


Resource Saving
It’s always a substantial undertaking to find an appropriate freelancer for a job. Compound that by the fact that another freelancer needs to be found every time there is an issue of availability or a new skill needed and that substantial undertaking persists. By utilizing a freelance collective, this is time, energy, and resources that can be used in a more productive way.


Operational Flexibility
A freelance collective is unique in it’s ability to perform operations with as much or as little autonomy as the client requires. It has the infrastructure to meet the challenge any job poses but retains the flexibility to avoid providing more services than are needed.



In video, this means a freelancer can be placed with a company, on or off site, or alternatively a crew can operate more independently, taking direction from client but managed by a producer, like a production company.


A freelance collective is a better system for freelancers and a better system for clients. In virtually all situations, a freelance collective is the best bet for contract staffing.

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